2022 Volcon Runt
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2022 Volcon Runt



* If you have not pre-ordered and placed a deposit on a Runt, vehicles purchased today will ship December 1, 2021.

Model Features

  • In-Hub, Maintenance-Free Motor
  • 60 NM of Torque
  • 35 MPH Max Speed
  • 35 Mile Max Range
  • Maximum Two-Hour Charging
  • 27-Inch Seat Height
  • 60 Volts
  • App-Based Parental Controls and Ride Modes

Motor & Battery

The Grunt uses an innovative hub-drive motor that is quiet, smooth and confined. Don’t worry about dirty, dangerous spinning sprockets or chains, the hub motor is safe and clean for kids. All little riders like splashing through all the mud puddles on a trail. The Volcon Runt hub motor takes it in stride with its IP67 waterproof rating.

This motor is powered by a 60Volt, lightweight battery that will help your child ride up to 35 miles between charges. It’s warrantied for two years and can go through 1,000 charge cycles without a loss of capacity.


The Volcon Runt features innovative, electronic controls that keep children safe and give parents peace of mind. The Runt has a mobile app that allows parents to set throttle-input and top-speed limits of the electric mini. This app also allows parents to also geo locate their children and set boundaries where the Runt can go. If the child rides too far from a designated location, the app shuts down the motor until they ride back in range. These controls let you control how much your little ripper rips


The Runt uses the same style, indestructible, Exo-Arch frame as it’s Grunt big brother. The kid-tuned upside-down forks and pivotless rear shock give it the smoothest ride of any youth electric playbike. Adding to the smooth ride are the large, oversize tires. These tires don’t just give the Runt its beefy, aggressive look–they float over deep sand and easily navigate mud that would swallow a normal youth-motorcycle skinny front tire. The Runt chassis helps it take a beating and keep delivering outdoor adventure and fun.

Technical Specs

Weight 180 pounds
Wheelbase 46 Inches
Seat Height 27 Inches
Front Tire 20 x 5 x 10
Rear Tire 20 x 5 x 10
Front Brake Dual-Piston, Hydraulic-Disc
Rear Brake Single-Piston, Hydraulic-Disc
Front Disc Diameter 220mm Front
Rear Disc Diameter 180mm Rear
Frame Design

Volcon Exo-Arch

Front Suspension

Inverted Fork

Rear Suspension

Single Shock

Ground Clearance

10 ½ Inches

Warranty One-Year Unlimited, Two-Year Battery

More Information

More Information
Size 1.5 liter

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